You Must Know About Graphene Electric Heating Film.

- Nov 07, 2019-

The heat source of graphene heating from the bottom of the foot starts from the bottom of the foot, conforms to the physiological principle of human body and promotes normal metabolism. The soft infrared wavelength of graphene electrothermal film penetrates into the human body, which makes the subcutaneous deep tissue temperature rise, microvascular expansion, and promote blood circulation. It plays a role in activating cells and enhancing immunity. The temperature of the graphene floor heating room is evenly distributed. Because it is the floor heat dissipation, the temperature difference in the room is very small, giving the person a comfortable feeling of warming the feet, so the floor heating is the best choice for the family. .

Why is graphene electric film good?

1. The developer believes that the advantages of graphene electrothermal film:

Save the land occupied by boiler room, coal pile, ash, pipe network, etc. The environment of the community is good, which is conducive to the sale of houses.

Cancel the heating and cooling problems inside and outside the room;

There is no traditional heating system to limit the building structure such as floor-to-ceiling windows and glass curtain walls, making the building free and beautiful.

Residents pay for heating bills by purchasing electricity, saving manpower, avoiding wrangling, and simplifying property management.

2, the owner believes that the advantages of graphene electrothermal film:

Residents can adjust the room temperature as needed, completely solve the uneven heating caused by vertical imbalance and horizontal imbalance of traditional plumbing, and achieve indoor constant temperature in spring, autumn and winter.

No waste water, waste gas, waste discharge, no pollution;

There are no pipes and radiators in the room, which increases the use area and is convenient for interior decoration.

No convection heating dust sublimation and dry heat, warm, clean and comfortable;

The most important point is: the heating season is 9 hours a day (10 pm - 7 am) to enjoy half the price of electricity (only electric heating to enjoy), while ensuring that other electrical appliances also enjoy half the price of electricity, saving for daily expenses. a little bit;

Promote residents to improve energy-saving awareness, control the temperature through the thermostat compartment.

3. The country believes that the advantages of graphene electrothermal film (days are bluer, greener, and water is clearer):

Energy-saving: The electricity consumption in winter is much lower than that in summer, so the municipal power supply in winter is far from saturation. The state encourages the use of electric heating, while saving valuable resources such as coal.

Water saving: Traditional heating requires water for thermal cycling. Graphene electrothermal membrane converts electrical energy directly into heat without water.

Land: A series of land occupation problems such as the construction of boiler room, coal storage, ash, and pipe network. Environmental protection: There is no environmental pollution such as coal ash, soot, burning exhaust gas, avoiding chimneys, which is conducive to urban planning and environmental protection.

How far is the road of graphene electrothermal film

Although central heating is still the mainstream, social problems are becoming more and more prominent. Some residents pay the heating bills. The seasons for the heaters are not hot. Some households are very hot. They use windows to use heating, some waste, and controversial issues. More and more. The difference between graphene floor heating and central heating is that all the above problems can be solved. Graphene floor heating can control the temperature freely and adjust freely, so that your indoor environment has a comfortable environment. The life of graphene electric heating film can last up to 50 years. And the installation is convenient and fast.

When is the most suitable graphene electric heating film?

Usually when people buy a house, the first thing that comes to mind is the decoration. When the interior is finished, and the floor is finally decorated. When decorating the floor, we should think of it, first put on the electric heating floor, then lay the wooden floor, we often meet customers, home. After the decoration is over, come to us to install electric heating film to warm, we have to suggest that he take off the wooden floor and reinstall the electric film, causing unnecessary waste, I hope that friends around, as a guide, first put the graphene floor heating, In the parquet