Hefei University Of Technology And Other Research And Development Of Graphene Film Flexible Solid State Super Capacitor

- Apr 19, 2018-

Scientific research team in hefei university of technology was a kind of high strength, the support, ultra-thin transparent graphene films, and assemble them into solid-state flexible, super capacitor for the next generation of flexible electronics research and development has opened up a new path.The results were published in the journal chemistry on April 12.

The school professor huai ping team cooperates with China university of science and technology, nanjing university, through the single molecule atomic force microscopy measurements, found in 11 different organic molecules and graphene oxide the strongest force between molecules - melamine.Through in graphene nano oxide layer between the introduction of melamine, the effective contact between two layers of nanometer sheet is increased, the internal oxidation film of graphene layers interact significantly enhanced, preparation of the graphene oxide thin film with excellent mechanical strength.

According to introducing, the film is composed of two layers of graphene oxide monolayer film, the thickness is only 22 nm, to implement a need for auxiliary material, and can be realized through the increase or decrease in monolayer film layer thickness and performance of controllable regulation.At the same time, the film has a transverse dimension of cm, which has the ability of cutting and excellent stretching, and is highly compatible with strong acid and alkali.

The experimental results show that the transmittance of the film at 550 nm is up to 84.6%, and it still retains excellent mechanical and optical properties after in-situ reduction.The graphene film resistance has only 420 resistance.All solid-state flexible supercapacitors assembled from this film have high volume capacitance value and good electrical mechanical stability.The capacitance of the film was retained as high as 91.4% after the cycle was charged and discharged 7,500 times.