Here Come The New Friends

- Sep 26, 2016-

The day is a big day as well as every day during this period. For there are new elements join in our club and I get the chance to deal with new people whom I can learn from him or her .

A handsome boy leap to my eyes in Tuesday morning. I am so curious about him that I ask my other colleagues for something about him. I can’t believe that we are belong to the same department ,what’s more his major is English . It is chuckled to myself ,you know that our team is developing and anything advantage can encourage us .Maybe it is more likely a kind of power which is can’t be regardless of . wow ,it is so cool! Something could happen in one day? Hum..hum …

Have you ever driven a car? Do you have a driving license? I am not dare to drive a car although I have got a license. Maybe there are so many people who are just like me. Don’t be afraid ! Let me share a good news with you . There is a tool called pure electric car I fall in love with it at the first sight .it is very smart with a perfect shape in white which remind of me my childhood .When I get the car I find there is something different from normal cars .There are just two control panels less one then the cars we are familiar with. Thus it is more easy to control .And it is a kind of good experience for driving it . It can bring you all the feelings

I t is surprised me that the electric car will be taken down and be assembled by our co-workers from power long battery engineering department . I am sure that the electric car will be more popular in the very near future.