High-altitude Wind Power Is Expected To Help Saudi Arabia Solve Power Problems

- Oct 23, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: recently, researchers say, king abdullah university of science and technology of the earth's surface wind turbine affected by intermittent wind is bigger, so high altitude wind power development has great potential for development.

As a potential developer of high-altitude wind turbines, he says the wind power is expected to help provide enough power in the Middle East.

High-altitude wind turbines are not a new idea, and researchers at king abdullah university of science and technology have begun investigating the technology to provide clean electricity to the Middle East.

Specifically, the researchers determined that the most favorable areas for developing high-altitude wind power systems were in parts of Saudi Arabia and Oman.

The researchers used data from an analysis of wind data from the national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) program to determine areas where high winds can provide consistent winds.

"The optimal height of a turbine varies with region and time," says lead author of the study.

In general, airborne wind resources increase with altitude."

The natural variability found at high altitudes can also be matched by kites that can change their height to provide the most favorable wind speeds with the highest levels of use.

Current kite technology can allow the wind to be harvested from two to three kilometers high.

But with the development of technology, wind turbines may start to enter higher altitudes and will get more wind.

"Our work could help Saudi Arabia leapfrog the future with wind power technology and accelerate the vision of a renewable energy plan for 2030," the researchers said.