High Electricity Prices In Australia Have Led To A Boom In Rooftop Photovoltaics

- Apr 25, 2018-

The Australian clean energy council (CEC) has recently certified the country's 5,000 pv project installers.


High electricity prices have led to an emerging boom in commercial and residential rooftop photovoltaics in Australia, which was installed in 2017.2GW of solar energy.In 2007, there were only 300 approved installers.

To celebrate this opportunity, the first approved installer, Geoff Stapleton, presented the prize to John Morrell, 5,000, with tools and training vouchers worth $5,000 ($38,83.50).One in five australians has installed solar power on the roof, but CEC expects demand to remain high.

"Clean energy council said in a statement in the next few years the number of approved installer will continue to grow, because of the high current electricity prices push more consumers and businesses to consider using rooftop solar device."

In addition, the market's interest in energy storage systems will increase the demand and quantity of CEC certification installers.