Lamborghini And MIT Develop High-performance Batteries To Pave The Way For Pure Electric Super Run

- Sep 28, 2019-

Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini plans to launch the plug-in hybrid version of the UrusSUV in the next year and a half. So when will the company launch a pure electric supercar? According to the US "Automotive News" reported on June 7, at the European Automotive News Conference on Wednesday, Lamborghini's chief technology officer Maurizio Reggiani said that the company will not launch in the near future. Pure electric super run.

Regany said, "At the current state of the art, it is difficult to build a high-performance pure electric supercar." If Lamborghini wants to build a pure electric supercar, the built-in battery pack needs to drive 186 miles (about 300). Kilometers) The top speed, and can make the sports car run three full laps along the Nurburgring track.

Lamborghini's R&D department is working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a three-year partnership to develop high-performance batteries for pure electric supercars. Regany said, "The cooperation between the two sides will end in 2019, when Lamborghini can begin to plan pure electric supercars."

Regany said, "In addition to the battery, the engine momentum of the sports car is also very important, which is also an aspect we are currently concerned about." He pointed out that the pure electric car has no sound during operation, which makes the user driving the car. It is easy to feel empty and tasteless, and it is difficult to enjoy the excitement of high-performance cars. At present, Lamborghini is testing what happens when people hear the sound of the engine.