High Performance Lithium Ion Battery Composite Material Was Successfully Developed

- Mar 21, 2018-

Recently, cao xiaoyu, a professor at henan university of technology, first prepared a new type of composite anode material, which can improve the electrochemical properties of lithium vanadate.

The study was published online in the American chemical society's journal of applied materials and interfaces.

Lithium ion batteries due to its high energy density is considered to be one of the most promising energy storage way, has started a commercial application in the field of electric vehicles, continue to improve the energy density of lithium ion battery is still researchers unremitting pursuit.At present, the capacity of li-ion battery is mainly determined by the capacity of the anode material, and finding the positive electrode material with high discharge capacity and stability is the key to improve the energy density of lithium ion battery.Can be more electronic transport layered vanadium acid lithium anode materials with high discharge capacity, due to its low cost and good security aroused people's concern, but the material low electronic conductivity, irreversible phase transition charge and discharge process, and part of the vanadium elements dissolve in the electrolyte, leading to material performance and cycle performance.

Researchers used flow disguised reaction of the high capacity of vanadate, lithium-ion battery anode materials with diphenylamine oxidative polymerization monomer site, for the first time, the preparation of the vanadium acid lithium/poly diphenylamine composite cathode material.Among them, poly diphenylamine in the main chain of benzene structure not only has high conductivity, but also has higher energy density of the aniline structure, thus has the ultra fast electron transfer rate, good hole transport capacity and good oxidation-reduction reversibility.