High Quality Graphene Materials And Lithium Air Battery Technology Officially Settled In Shanghai

- Oct 28, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: recently, the university of Cambridge in England two global unique patented technology project in Shanghai, pudong expo area high quality graphene materials and lithium air batteries, officially opened the prelude to the industrialization in China.

Interface news conference held from October 20, founded by new ene hope group joint venture with the university of Cambridge new ene at Cambridge technology co., LTD. Was established in March of this year has been in the British Cambridge.

Joint venture have lithium battery technology and related air exclusive license of graphene preparation technology, the new material at group GeFei neon grace (Shanghai) material technology co., LTD. Is responsible for the implementation of industrialization.

General manager of Shanghai materials science and technology co., LTD., sun sol-jie, said that he would set up the university of Cambridge's new hope international innovation center, which will be based in Shanghai and radiate to the whole China.

It is understood that the new material at group with new materials and new energy innovation center, from the three aspects of production, study, with support from the government to guide, set up industry incubators, covering the whole industry chain, to assist the industrial upgrading.

The two projects, which have been developed by the university of Cambridge, have been developed for 15 years.

Among them, the graphene preparation technology is to use the principle of "micro fluid mechanics, using physical way to divest of graphite, the production preparation processing department can low-cost non-polluting production 100% graphene materials.

The lithium air battery technology has the characteristics of a high-capacity battery, which is three to five times the capacity of the current lithium battery.

Over the past two decades, lithium air batteries has been unable to break through bottlenecks, several key technology led to the development of lithium air batteries charging cycles, chemical reaction is not stable, so that can't be industrialization.

Cambridge university research and development team in the past two years finally breakthrough in lithium-air battery technology bottleneck, at present, the energy density has reached more than three times the lithium ion battery technology, and charging cycle stability, high efficiency low fever, it is the leading global technology.

New ene group at the second half of 2018 is expected to decline in the domestic launch of the first generation of distribution grid cell, starting from the distributed power grid (micro) grid application, further complete layout of industrialization of electric vehicles in 2020.

In addition, the sea silver wealth equity investment at the general manager li from the perspective of investment, said GeFei neon technology co., LTD. (Shanghai) material is a platform to provide technical solutions for the company, its value is higher than a single product company, preparation technology and high quality graphene lithium-air battery technology will be applied to many areas of high-end, help the industrial upgrading, usher in a new era.