Honda Plans To Build Battery Plants In India To Boost Electric Vehicles

- Dec 29, 2017-

Honda plans to build a lithium-ion plant in India to boost its electric car business in the emerging market, foreign media reported.Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL) will specify the electric car models that will be made in India, sources said.

HCIL's board is said to have recently discussed the move and will soon make a decision, but declined to disclose the amount of investment related to the project.Honda parent company also actively participated in the design planning of HCIL India market electric vehicle strategy.

United States today the National league for democracy (National Alliance) want to India in 2030 on the streets only electric cars on the road, because today is committed to reducing carbon emissions in the world, while India is also to cut spending on imported crude oil.

Honda in the announcement, it is claimed that, by 2030, the electric car Honda car sales in the proportion will reach 65%, including pure electric car sales of 15%, the rest of the hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

In July, Honda decided to build a joint venture with Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd to develop electric motor vehicles.Hitachi has a 51 per cent stake, while Honda owns a 49 per cent stake.

Company executives declined to name Honda's plans for an electric car in India.According to one industry executive, the project is currently in development and Honda's model in India will be based on the Brio hatchback platform.