Honda Will Use Electric Bikes To Test Pluggable Batteries

- Jul 17, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, the plug-in battery, which was unveiled at CES this year by Honda and panasonic, has begun its testing process.Its partners are bringing the mobile power components to Indonesia, where they will be used to power electric cars and bikes.


Reported that Indonesia is second only to India and China the world's third largest motorcycle market, the government has for years been considering how to reduce traffic and pollution caused by the rise of two rounds of the vehicle.One solution is to encourage citizens to use electric bicycles, a background that makes the country one of the best places to test batteries.

Honda, panasonic and local partners in Indonesia want to prove that the new mobile power pack can solve common problems associated with electric cars, such as range and charging time.Currently, their plan is to install charging stations in dozens of locations, all of which will charge separate power packs at any time.In this way, people can go to a charging station, replace an empty battery with a full one, and get back on the road quickly.This realization or radical solution to the current electric vehicle and the electric bicycle biggest problem.It is reported that they will start the experiment in December 2018 at designated locations throughout Indonesia.

Once the experiment is successful, the technology will be a breakthrough in the field of green travel!However, the aging of the battery, the cost of recycling old batteries, is still a matter of follow-up consideration.