Can UPS Power Supply Load Household Appliances Such As Refrigerators?

- Oct 11, 2019-

Can UPS power supply load household appliances such as refrigerators? UPS is a reliable power system designed and manufactured for precision equipment such as computers, communication equipment, control systems, etc. It is suitable for applications with zero interruption requirements. Generally, large UPS power supplies can be connected to inductive loads without much impact on the power supply. But UPS also has some loads that are not suitable for the belt, like some household appliances. Want to know which household appliances can UPS power supply load? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

What is an inductive load?

A load with an inductive parameter, that is, a load that meets the characteristics of the voltage lead current, is called an inductive load. Inductive loads are usually referred to as inductive loads. The inductor has a resistance to changes in current.

The most commonly used inductive loads in households are electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., which are typical inductive loads. Its two points are that when the current increases, when the current flowing through the inductive device changes, an induced electromotive force is generated at the end, and its polarity is to prevent the current from changing. This will prevent the increase in current, which in turn will prevent the current from decreasing as the current decreases. This makes the current flowing through the inductor not mutate. The refrigerator is an inductive load.

Can the UPS power supply load the refrigerator?

The refrigerator is not within the load range of the UPS power supply, but it can load the refrigerator in practical applications, but increase the multiple of the UPS load device.

A refrigerator that consumes about 150 watts of electricity during normal operation can have a starting power of more than 1000 watts. In addition, because the inductive load is connected to the power supply or disconnected from the power supply, a back electromotive voltage is generated. The peak value of this voltage is far greater than the voltage that the load AC power supply can withstand, which easily causes the negative inverter. Instantaneous overloading affects the life of the inverter. Therefore, such appliances have a higher need for power supply waveforms. The inductive load is the phase of the load current that is lagging behind the voltage.

How can you face the confusion caused by emotional devices? In fact, the method is there and it is still very simple. It is to know the number of Ws of the load clearly, and expand the power by 3-5 times on this basis. Only in this way is it not afraid of the inductive equipment because of the backup time. Only in this way can we solve all the dangerous situations caused by the instantaneous start of excessive current.

How to extend the service life of UPS power supply

1) Try not to connect the inductive load. Because the starting current of an inductive load tends to exceed 3-4 times the rated current, this will cause instantaneous overload of the UPS. Affect the life of the UPS. Inductive loads include electric fans, refrigerators, etc., which are commonly used in summer.

2) Not suitable for full load or excessive light load. Do not use it according to the rated power of the UPS. Do not think that the empty interface should not be idle and connected to other appliances. Long-term full load status will directly affect UPS's mission.

3) Protect the battery. A very important component of the UPS is the battery. At present, most medium-sized UPSs use a maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery. Although it does not require maintenance on the surface, it can be a problem if it is not well taken care of. This battery is still expensive and requires work in a 0-30 environment.

4) Regular maintenance. Usually, the UPS should measure the terminal voltage of the battery for half a year. If the voltage exceeds 1V, a balanced constant voltage current limit (0.5A) should be used for charging. If it doesn't work, you can only change the battery. If the local long-term power is not lost, the power supply must be interrupted periodically (usually three months) to discharge the UPS with load.

5) Pay attention to lightning protection. Care must be taken to ensure effective shielding and grounding protection of the UPS.

According to the above content, it can be seen that the UPS uninterruptible power supply load sensitive device is still possible, and each of the problems caused by the power supply problem can still be solved, depending on whether the method can be symptomatic. The main purpose of developing UPS technology is to improve the dynamic response of the UPS to the output load faster and better. Obviously, using advanced high-frequency technology, the dynamic response speed is the fastest and the best.