How Do Wind Farm Development And Environmental Protection Coordinate Development?

- Sep 23, 2017-

China energy storage network: long island wind power for migrating birds, as the fan's removal, environmental protection efforts are deeply popular.The demolition of the fan is located in long island national nature reserve, the operation of the generator damage the ecological environment of the reserve, seriously affected the balance of species, especially for migrating birds, and damage the environment.In recent years, with the development of wind power in south China, the relationship between wind power and the environment has received more and more attention.So what are the effects of wind power on the environment?

One, the wind of the environmental impact of the environmental impact of wind power can be divided into two phases of construction and operation period, respectively from the impact on the ecological environment, sound environment, water environment, atmospheric environment, solid waste, etc, are analyzed.To be reasonable in the process of wind power development planning roads, lines, establish and improve the regulatory system, do civilized construction, according to the environmental protection approval to carry out the environmental protection measures, would reduce the influence of wind power development on the ecological environment to the controllable degree, after the construction period, as soon as possible to do a good job of vegetation restoration.

Ii. How to avoid environmental protection in the early stage of wind power to protect the project risk 1 and do the pre-site selection and implementation work.

Reserve can generally be divided by region for the core, the experimental area, buffer, wind farm site selection to avoid the core area and experimental area of nature reserves, the buffer is available, should combine the local environmental protection department's reply.The site of the wind farm should meet the local land requirements.

2. Fan point location, line planning, road planning and promotion site selection should meet the requirements of environmental protection.

The main environmental protection objectives of wind farms include: to focus on residential areas, protection of cultural relics, scenic spots, water sources and ecological sensitive spots around the project area.During the development of wind farm, the environmental protection target is fully investigated and marked out. In the design process of wind farm, the environmental impact is reduced by considering the way of avoiding the safe distance.

Environmental protection measures in wind power development can keep the environmental impact under control.