How Does Moisture Affect The Performance Of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries?

- Dec 09, 2019-

Effect of moisture content on the performance of lithium iron phosphate battery pack

In the manufacturing process of lithium iron phosphate battery packs, there are many things that must be strictly controlled, one is dust, the other is metal particles, and the third is moisture. Moisture has a huge impact on lithium battery packs, which will mainly cause the following adverse consequences:

1. If the moisture is too high, the electrolyte reacts with the moisture to generate a trace of harmful gases, which will adversely affect the environment of the injection room; this will also affect the quality of the electrolyte itself, making the performance of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack poor, and the battery The rivets are rusty.

2. Moisture reacts with a component in the electrolyte to generate harmful gases. When there is enough moisture, the pressure inside the battery will increase, causing the battery to deform. If it is a cell phone battery, it will appear as a drum shell; when the internal pressure is high, the battery is in danger. The explosion will cause the electrolyte to splash and the battery fragments will easily hurt people.

3. The internal moisture of the lithium battery pack is too high; the active ingredients of the electrolyte are lost, and the lithium ions are also lost, causing lithium ions to undergo an irreversible chemical reaction on the negative electrode of the battery. When lithium ions are consumed, the battery's energy is reduced.