How I Read PLB?

- Sep 26, 2016-

 I’am a fresh employee here ,so I have to take time to get familiar with everything here. Well, Why did I choose to be a member of this company?

Our company is named Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in Lithium-ion cells like LiFePo4 cell and NiCoMn cell, BMS ( battery management system), battery pack. At first ,I was fascinated by the battery produced by our company .I am a so-called “technology fan”, who are crazy for the cool things no matter how complex the manufacturing process is. Yes, I love the technological things, everytime, when it comes to my birthday, my families and friends ask me what kinds of presents that I want, I definitely say—lovely company robot, automated toyed cars or something.

During two days in this company , I learnd roughly the making process of the products ,like the lithium-ion cell, BMS and battery pack. The lithium-ion cells are made by the imported advanced equipment, like Mixing Machine, Coating Machine, Compression Machine, Baking Machine, Winding Machine, Insertion Machine, Filling Machine and Ageing Machine etc. In addition , I know that our BMS designing team  are from industry listed companies who worked on battery management system study initially. Developed various reliable BMS systems, passive equalization, active equalization, battery status on line estimation algorithm, the most security strategy, properties parameters approached the industry limits.

What’s more, our battery pack use the Telsa aluminum bonding technology, that is really cool to me!

When reading the products list, I was confused by our application fields. I wrote down the question on note book ,and during the break time ,I asked my colleague for help who explained it to me patiently. She told me that electric car, energy storage and accessional power supply are the main application field of our company. For enlarging our business, we have developed, designed and manufactured high-quality 26650 lithium-ion cell, BMS, PACK and other finished products like the battery pack for buses, logistics vehicles, passenger vehicles and forklift truck, household use and grid connected energy storage products, and the storage products for huge power station. I noted down and beared these knowledge in my mind.

Today has passed by ,but what I have acquired will live in my mind forever.

Tomorrow is moving on !