How To Charge 18650 Lithium Battery Without Protection Chip

- Jul 29, 2019-

18650 lithium battery protection chip is designed to protect the battery safety, that is, to prevent the explosion of battery overcharge and prevent the battery from easily breaking down. The 18650 lithium battery works by charging to store energy, discharging to convert it into other energy and releasing it.


How to charge 18650 lithium battery without protection chip?
The importance of 18650 lithium battery protection board: battery protection plate is a piece of protection circuit installed in the negative end of the battery, the main role is to prevent overcharging damage to the cell, excessive discharge damage to the cell, the current damage to the cell.In these three main functions, if the selected battery does not carry the battery protection plate, overcharging can be avoided through the charger protection circuit, overcurrent in the premise of the quality of the cell is not what we need to worry about. However, overdischarge is the most direct way to damage the battery.

● in the use of 18650 lithium batteries, it should be noted that the battery placed for a period of time will enter the sleep state, at this time the capacity is lower than the normal value, the use time is also shortened. But lithium batteries are easy to activate, as long as after 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycle can activate the battery, restore normal capacity.
● due to the characteristics of the 18650 lithium battery itself, it has almost no memory effect. Therefore, the new lithium battery in the user's mobile phone in the activation process, there is no need for special methods and equipment. Not only in theory, but in my own practice, the "natural activation" method of charging is the best way to start.
● original charger protection and control circuit quality is good, the protection of 18650 lithium battery is quite guaranteed. Follow standard times and procedures for charging, even the first three times.
● suitable temperature, heat and cold. The ambient temperature should be around 25°, because too high ambient temperature will make the battery overcharge and produce gas, while too low ambient temperature is insufficient battery charge.
● pay attention to the charging voltage. If the charging voltage is too high, the battery will be overcharged; otherwise, the phenomenon of insufficient charging will occur, which is the need to pay attention to the damage of 18650 lithium battery.


Working principle of 18650 lithium battery protection chip.
Lithium battery PACK will be used in the design of lithium battery protection board or the corresponding BMS, even by various communication protocols, but it is very important to protect lithium-ion batteries, the working principle of the protection chip, must want to know only by understanding the basic working principle of the protection chip, in order to better design the lithium battery PACK, can even help part quality analysis of abnormal cells or circuit together.
Design scheme of battery protection board with balanced charging function for single lithium battery protection chip to protect groups of lithium batteries with arbitrary series number. Lithium battery protection chip can be selected according to the voltage level and protection delay time of a single lithium battery to be protected.