How To Charge The Electric Vehicle

- Oct 25, 2016-

In Shenzhen, electric vehicles, green emissions and on the card is easy to let more and more people choose it. Then how to charge the electric car when the battery be used of? Here the editor from Power Long Battery tell the charging steps and precautions to you.

When the corresponding indication icon (yellow) on the instrument cluster is lit or when the remaining indicator light is less than or equal to 25%, then the pure electric vehicle must be charged. (Note: charging temperature requirements 0 -55 , the discharge temperature required minus 20 -60 )


Specific steps are as follows:

1, the vehicle should be parked away from flammable and explosive items indoors, shift handle set with the "P" block, pull up the handbrake, the ignition switch to "OFF".

2, check the coolant, to confirm the level is normal. Check the charging pile socket to ensure safe and reliable.

3, charging, first plug in the "AC charging line" of the power supply side; then, pull up the driver's seat on the left side of the unlock switch, open the charging cover, into the "AC charging line" vehicle side.

4. When the corresponding icon (red) on the instrument cluster icon is lit, it indicates that the charging link device has been connected normally. When the corresponding icon on the instrument cluster (yellow) is lit, it indicates that the EV battery has started charging.

5. When the corresponding icon (yellow) of the instrument cluster is turned off, it indicates that the power battery has been filled. Please unplug the AC charging cable and disconnect the AC charging line, close the charging port, Charging Cable.



1, in the car automatically start the empty box-related functions under normal circumstances, in order to shorten the charging time, in the vehicle charging process, do not recommend the use of automotive electrical equipment.

2, under low temperature charging, air conditioning will give the battery heating is normal.

3, if the battery in the electric vehicle battery failure encountered during the process, please seek professional personnel to deal with, do not try to repair.