How To Develop New Energy Vehicles In Less Developed Regions

- Aug 24, 2017-

Automobile industry is one of the pillar industries of the national economy, the development of new energy vehicles is the future direction, at present the national hundreds of cities and development zones with the development of new energy vehicles as the main target, to drive the local economic development.

The gap between developed and underdeveloped areas in China is relatively large.The developed regions have the advantages of geographical location, industrial base and talent, which naturally attracts the joining of new energy automobile enterprises.How to develop the new energy car industry in less developed regions?On August 10, the author participated in the seminar of experts on environment and development strategy of zunyi automobile industry.

Most of the economically underdeveloped areas have the resource advantage and the vast automobile consumption space.

Look at resource advantage.Lithium is the key element of the new energy vehicle, and the current battery technology routes mostly revolve around lithium iron phosphate, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese acid, lithium titanate, etc.China has abundant lithium resources, mainly in the western regions, such as qinghai and xizang, which are rich in lithium resources.These regions rely on lithium resources to develop new energy automobile industry has a broad prospect.

The new energy vehicles themselves do not emit pollutants, but from the perspective of the whole industry chain, China's new energy vehicles use "dirty electricity" at this stage. The main source of electricity is coal power.Less developed areas in China, especially in the western region have a lot of wind and water resources, can produce a large amount of wind power, water and electricity, the power resources are the real clean energy, can let new energy vehicles become the real clean energy vehicles.

Look at the consumer space.At present, the amount of motor vehicles in less developed regions of China is generally low, and there is a great potential of automobile consumption.In guizhou province as an example, by the end of 2016, it is 6.3056 million car ownership, is higher than Beijing's 5.48 million cars, but the land area in guizhou is nearly 11 times, Beijing's population is more than Beijing, with the improvement of people's living standard, automobile consumption potential will release further.In addition, there are abundant tourism resources in less developed areas, some of which have been listed in the world cultural heritage and world natural heritage list, and more need to strengthen environmental protection.The new energy vehicle is suitable for the transport of tourists to and from the scenic area, and also suitable for the time of electric car sharing, which will not cause pollution to the scenic area and the market prospect can be expected.

Despite the advantages, the disadvantages of developing new energy automobile industry in underdeveloped regions are also obvious.The new energy automobile industry chain is long and needs certain industrial base support, and a certain industrial cluster is formed to facilitate the matching supply between enterprises. In this respect, the economically underdeveloped areas are just short plates.Motor, for example, is one of the core parts of new energy vehicles, while low labor costs in less developed areas, the local government is willing to provide preferential policies to the enterprise, but enterprise produce motor need to form a complete set of developed areas, time cost and transportation cost is the bottleneck.In addition, new energy vehicles are capital and technology intensive industries, and talents play an important role in the development of enterprises.The lack of talent advantage in underdeveloped regions has hindered the development of industry to some extent.

But for car companies, where the market is often built and where the products are offered is a major consideration.Compared with the developed areas in less developed areas, do not have a full range of competitive advantage, but can play its unique resources and market advantages, attract car companies in the local set up new energy automobile production line, and enliven the local economy, and provide employment opportunities, also can fit the car enterprises take the demand of the market.

According to regional characteristics in less developed areas, integrate local resources, and actively develop intelligent made plans for the development of new energy vehicles and for industry development and enterprises settled in policy, funding, and so on various aspects of security.At the same time, new energy vehicles as the carrier, can borrow a timely start smart snatched the demonstration application of new energy vehicles, promote interaction with the web portal of automobile products information, big data applications, the ecological development of intelligent service.In addition to vehicle led of the strategy of sustainable development, increase investment in research and development of core technology and key system and developing the industry incubation, centralized superior resources key support enterprises with technology innovation ability and development potential.To really become a qualified demonstration base, still need to build corresponding humanities environment, through strengthen the propaganda and promotion, improve local customers for the new energy automotive and intelligent snatched the acceptance.On the basis of this, we can make overall development of intelligent network link automobile and intelligent transportation system and smart city construction, build a good industrial ecosystem, and form a long-term mechanism of sustainable development.

For the less developed areas, in choosing investment attraction enterprises, can focus on attracting a light asset enterprise to settle down, because the car enterprises that have heavy assets often will be concerned about the product transport problem.Nowadays, the combination of new energy vehicles and autonomous driving and the Internet of cars are becoming more and more compact, and the application of big data has become a trend, and the development of Internet technology has made the space and time distance no longer an obstacle.Many less developed areas have clean air, better living environment, no "big city disease", and have a certain appeal to the high-tech r&d talents of light asset enterprises.