How To Echelon Use Battery Power

- Nov 15, 2016-

The performance of electric vehicles battery will attenuate as the increase number of charge cycles. When the battery capacity attenuates to 80% of rated capacity, it is not suitable for using in the electric vehicle, which means that their use in electric vehicles end of life.

If the phase-out directly to the battery, will inevitably lead to a serious waste of resources, but also cause environmental pollution. Echelon use of new energy automotive industry corporate social responsibility.

At present, the battery has a great practical problem: the problem of battery consistency. When using, the battery capacity, internal resistance, voltage, self-discharge and other parameters will affect the consistency of the battery. And the pack process technology also influenced the battery parameters. Because of the consistency differences, the performance of battery pack is lower than the value of the monomer. The problem of battery consistency will lead to the production cost of the battery, use cost, maintenance cost and echelon use cost increased.

Reporters learned that the Association of Science and Technology developed the production of active balance BMS can cope with the aging of the battery for the demanding requirements of the battery management system, combined with recombinant technology, life prediction and discrete integration technology, the device battery level echelon use.
"Active balance is actually holding the charge and discharge of a battery pack consistency, aimed at a group inside the battery charge while simultaneously discharge. Compared to passive balanced, active balanced overall performance and capacity after a period of operation has a clear advantage. "Zhou Xun Wei said.

The improvement in battery technology, in favor of improving the performance of battery echelon use. Electric car battery-related standardization contributes to its echelon use.

"The current problem is that the entire industry standards and technology system needs to be improved, the domestic pack and BMS technology can more closely integrated with battery." Zhou Xun Wei said.

Depot on the BMS technology and battery management technology increasingly high, improve and upgrade the technical level is the objective needs of the market, the association with the car technology will be more closely integrated to meet market demand. Zhou Xunwei finally added.

The rapid development of market-oriented electric vehicles to power the echelon of the use of the "real needs." Power battery echelon utilization of the economy with the energy storage market and the development of battery echelon use of large-scale applications, will gradually appear.