How To Objectively Evaluate Lithium Titanate Lithium Ion Battery

- Nov 28, 2017-

Because of gree air conditioning to buy the zhuhai yinlong case, the lithium titanate battery overnight from the unknown suddenly fame cranes, indeed appears a little abrupt.Actually lithium titanate this technology are not new, Toshiba as early as in 2007, has developed titanium acid lithium ion battery, it can in 5 minutes with 90% of capacity, so at that time was called super rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Lithium titanate battery is lithium titanate was used as the cathode material of lithium ion batteries, lithium titanate is a very stable structural material, so the service life is long, quick charge will not damage the structure, but it is for lithium potential 1.5 V, much bigger than graphite, made from titanium acid lithium batteries a graphite anode lower cell voltage from 1.3 V to 1.5 V.The positive, such as ternary cathode material for lithium titanate battery voltage is 2.3 ~ 2.5 V, and graphite anode of lithium battery voltage is 3.7 V, at the same time, the capacity of lithium titanate battery loss, and the price of titanium is high, so the cost of lithium titanate is higher.

Advantages of lithium titanate battery

■ High security: the internal short circuit will generate less heat.

■ Low temperature performance: lithium titanate battery can be used at -30 degrees Celsius;

■ Support for quick charging: can charge up to 90% in 6 minutes, equivalent to 10C charging ratio;

■ Long life: lithium titanate can cycle more than 10,000 times.

■ High output power: strong current output power;

■ Effective SOC width: LTO is very flat in the voltage curve and over 85% of the whole SOC range.


Six characteristics of SCiB lithium-ion battery (single battery data)

Low energy density of lithium titanate only 80 wh/kg, and the cost is more than double that of graphite anode to, but the excellent power characteristics, cycle life, quick charge capacity and security features are very outstanding, thus causes it to adapt to the limitation to the scene;For investment cycle, demand is high, service life long placed the application of space requirements is not high has its advantages, but for the current rapid development of automobile power battery, especially passenger cars, request to the scene, the energy density of battery lithium titanate, there is no too many advantages.