How To Use Lithium Battery UPS Correctly

- Jul 20, 2019-

There is no doubt that lithium battery can be used in ordinary UPS power supply. Compared with UPS battery, there will be more advantages of using lithium battery in UPS power supply. But how to use it correctly?


Here are 4 points mentioned:
1. Ambient temperature:UPS batteries must be given a suitable temperature for normal operation and maintain it. For general batteries, the environment should be guaranteed to be between 20-25 degrees Celsius, while lithium battery UPS can work normally at -20 ~60 degrees Celsius.
2. Regular checking: Regular check UPS battery terminal voltage and internal resistance of each unit cell characteristics change over time due to the respective of the imbalance is impossible to rely on lithium battery inside the UPS power charging circuit to eliminate, so for this feature has obvious imbalance of battery pack, if not promptly taken offline processing, filling all its imbalance degree is more and more serious.
3. Re-charge under certain conditions: The UPS power lithium battery is shut down for more than 10 days. Before starting up again, the UPS power should be started without load to make use of the internal charging circuit to float charge the lithium battery for more than 10 ~ 12h and then run with load. The UPS power supply is in the state of floating charge for a long time without discharging process, which is equivalent to being in the state of "storage standby". If this state lasts too long, resulting in the lithium battery "storage too long" failure and scrap, it is mainly manifested as the increase of the internal resistance of the battery.
4. Reduced depth discharge: The service life of lithium battery UPS power supply is closely related to the depth of discharge. The lighter the load of lithium battery UPS power supply, the greater the ratio of usable capacity and rated capacity of lithium battery when the mains power supply is interrupted.