Hubei Xiaogan Power Supply Company Actively Serves The New Energy Generation Grid

- Sep 18, 2017-

China energy storage network: on September 6, the company was informed that 14 photovoltaic power plant projects with a total installed capacity of 32.11 million kw were successfully put into operation.

At this point, the new energy installation of xiaogan city has reached 106.79 million kw, joining the new energy "million-level" city, the second largest installed capacity in the province, and the first in the province.

After becoming the first green energy demonstration county in the country, xiaogan county has vigorously promoted the comprehensive utilization of new energy and accelerated the development of wind power and photovoltaic (pv) renewable energy industry.

In order to realize effective access to new energy power generation projects and in situ given, xiaogan power supply company established a new energy project management communication mechanism, facilitate the xiaogan government will the company incorporated in the planning committee member units at all levels of the government.

The company to strengthen the power grid operation and management, scientific arrangement of operation mode, improve the level of new energy given, give full play to the wind, light, water and electricity cut peak valley, a new energy power generation synchronization with power grid planning, in the province take the lead in compiling wind farm access systems engineering planning, wind sent out form a complete set of planning, guiding the development of new energy power generation projects.

In addition, the company strengthen factory network coordination, through regular factory network association, door-to-door service, strengthen the communication with the new energy station, informed factory needs, give full play to the dispatching agency coordinating role, create a harmonious factory network relationship.

At present, the new energy generation in the xiaogan area has reached 823 million kilowatt hours, which can save 26.19 million tons of tender coal and 68.84 million tons of carbon dioxide emission.