Will It Hurt The Mobile Phone If We Charge The Mobile Phone All The Night?

- Sep 06, 2019-

According to Internet rumors, charging mobile phone all the night will be bad for the battery, many people believe this is the case, but is this really the case? Or are these just network rumors? Take a look at the expert's answer.


Recently, some experts in Canada denied that it is harmful to the battery to charge the mobile phone all night. It said that the electronic products using lithium batteries, including smart phones, will automatically power off the battery after the battery is fully charged, without damaging the battery. Instead, "recharging with a dry battery will shorten battery life.


Technology expert Hollington said that the iPhone is generally not overcharged, even if it is charged with 90% of the iPhone, it will not damage the battery. He explained that the lithium battery's "charge cycle is limited, but a partial charge will only affect the "charge cycle." If charging at 90% charge, only 10% of the charge cycle will be used.


The following small series will give you the four major misunderstandings of common charging!


Misunderstanding 1: Mixing chargers


If you use the iPhone's plug to charge the iPad, you will find that it is not generally slow! If you use a high-powered plug to charge a small power plug phone, the speed will be much faster! Therefore, it is best to use the original charger when charging!


Myth 2: Charging cable mixing


The same is true for the charging cable. It is best to use the original charging cable, and also make a mark on several long, very similar charging lines, so as not to confuse. When you go out, everyone will choose the charging treasure. A relatively short line to go out, if the charging line of the big-name manufacturers is okay, otherwise there will be great security risks!


Myth 3: The number of times of charging should not be too much


There is a saying: each mobile phone battery has a fixed number of charging times, if the number of charging is too much, it will speed up the battery aging strain! This practice is actually only the practice on nickel batteries, lithium batteries are not the same, frequent charging is actually a little good for the battery! When the mobile phone is low, you should start charging in time.


Misunderstanding 4: Play while charging


If conditions permit, it is best to turn off the phone when charging, this is the best maintenance for the battery. Playing the phone while charging, in addition to hurting the phone battery, but also harmful to the human body!