Hyundai Will Launch Self-driving Cars At The 2018 Winter Olympics

- Aug 12, 2017-

If your car breaks down in the snow, imagine letting the self-driving car come to your rescue.Hyundai will do so at the 2018 winter Olympics.

Hyundai will reportedly provide teams for the 2018 winter Olympics in pyeongchang, South Korea.The vehicles will be run on a high-definition map with a reported error of less than 10 cm.Modern companies are currently collecting 3D data for use on their maps.The map will cover the location and markings of the road, the curvature and width of the road, and information about road signs and signals.

According to the report, hyundai has achieved SAE cet-4 autonomy in its research and development vehicles, which means the car will be responsible for controlling the vehicle and monitoring the environment.At level 4, the car is fully capable of driving itself, although some models allow for human intervention and control.

In addition to the ionization of automatic driving problem, modern company also shows its high resolution map of how to help self-driving cars to enter the market, and these cars are not necessarily other vehicles need to high-end decorative, which means that the everyday users can afford.