If The Lithium Battery Is Short-lived, The Power Battery Will Early Die

- Aug 21, 2019-

What makes the battery life shorter?
At present, large-screen smart phones, tablet computers and other digital devices have become users' favorite. While enjoying high-quality visual enjoyment, they are also worried about the endurance problem. Many people have specially equipped mobile power for their love machines, so that they can usually The device can also be replenished with power at any time during travel, and the mobile power source is favored by users of digital devices.

Most of the mobile power supplies currently on the market use lithium batteries. Due to their own chemical properties, their capacity will gradually decrease with the continuous use. In addition to the influence of the battery material, what factors will affect the movement? What is the service life of the power supply battery?

From the appearance, ordinary lithium-ion batteries (18650 batteries) are very similar to the 5th battery, but they are different in nature, and the 5th battery belongs to the nickel-hydrogen battery. Many users may be out of the reason, so when using the mobile power supply, some charging and discharging methods of the 5th battery will be copied. For example, the first charging must be filled for XX hours, the battery is completely discharged, and the capacity is not damaged. I don’t know if it is the real murderer of the mobile power battery.
High and low temperature killing power
Many users may have noticed that when using mobile power to charge digital devices, the mobile power supply and the body of the charged device will have a fever phenomenon. This kind of heat is a normal phenomenon during use. If there is a hot phenomenon, then everyone Be careful, this proves that this mobile power supply is either poorly heat-dissipating, or the internal circuit is faulty, which may cause dangers such as burning.

Mobile power supplies are stored by lithium-ion batteries or polymer batteries. If they are in too high or too low temperature for a long time, they may cause permanent damage to the cells, resulting in lower battery capacity. Or scrapped, so everyone should pay attention to the body temperature when using mobile power.

In the test of mobile power, we have a project on charging and discharging temperature. Generally, the temperature of the mobile power supply should be 60 °C during charging and discharging. If the temperature of the fuselage is too high, it will cause damage to internal components or batteries. In the instruction manual of most mobile power products, the optimal operating temperature range of the product is also indicated to guide the daily use of the user.
Lithium battery charging method

Many users have a misunderstanding that all batteries are subject to the same charging method: each time you have to wait for the power to be fully charged and recharged to prevent the capacity from becoming smaller. For lithium-ion batteries, the full discharge of the power will cause it to over-discharge. When the voltage of the battery is lower than 2.4V, the internal material will be carbonized, which will accelerate the capacity and service life of the battery. attenuation.

When we test the discharge performance of mobile power, the discharge curve of the discharge curve of some products shows a ramp-down state. When the voltage is as low as 3.0V or even lower, the discharge is turned off, and the lithium battery itself has self-discharge characteristics. The longer the voltage is, the lower the voltage will be. If the cell discharge voltage is lower than 2.7V, the battery may be scrapped.

Lithium-ion batteries have almost no memory effect, so you don't have to charge them too much, and don't use them completely. Most mobile power supplies are equipped with LED power indicator or LCD screen, so users can charge and discharge according to the indicator display, do not charge for a long time. If you don't use it for a long time, you should take it out for a while (about 3 months).

Some products on the market now come with AC plugs. In addition to their basic charging functions, they can also be used as guest phone adapters. When these products are used as adapters, most of them are set to charge the mobile phone first. When the mobile phone is fully charged and then the mobile power is charged, the user can plug it into the plug and charge before going to sleep at night, and the power of the mobile power and the mobile phone are full in the morning.

As we all know, when the mobile power supply is charged and discharged, the fuselage will heat up due to the internal buck-boost conversion, and the temperature will be further aggravated when the side is charged, so for some products with poor quality or heat dissipation. Long-term charging and charging will cause the components to age rapidly, which will affect the overall service life of the mobile power supply.

When you use your mobile phone to play games for a long time, you will find that the temperature of the mobile phone body will increase. When we use mobile power to charge the mobile phone and then use the functions of the game on the mobile phone, the heat dissipation of the body is increased, and the battery core and electronic components are subject to high temperature for a long time, and will be greatly damaged.