Improving The Ratio Of Nickel To Battery Will Help Boost The Single Range Of Electric Vehicles

- Sep 15, 2017-

With the booming development of the electric car market, more and more kinds of brand products in the horizon, but the combination of performance, such as battery technology and price factors to consider, want to improve the competitiveness of the electric car, key or want to upgrade in the battery technology.Because of this, there are high nickel batteries to promote market development.

Today, the battery life and cost of production have been reduced, and manufacturers have begun to study battery systems and have commercialized high-nickel batteries.Indeed, high nickel batteries can help boost the single-range mileage of electric vehicles, as South Korea's SK innovation has been the first to say that it has already made commercial production of high nickel lithium-ion batteries.

Of course, the higher the cobalt content in the battery system is better, because the cobalt content can help improve the circulation and multiplier performance of the material, but the high cobalt content can lead to lower actual capacity;Similarly, materials with high nickel content can lead to undesired consequences.Therefore, in the future development of battery system materials, it is the best solution to reduce the cost and increase the battery life by keeping the manganese content unchanged and lowering the cobalt content.

The energy density of pure electric passenger car battery system is higher and higher as the energy density is more and more concerned by the big car companies.In particular, the ministry of industry and information technology (miit) issued the latest batch of 30 new energy vehicles in the eighth batch of recommendations, and 25 models were equipped with a brand of high nickel batteries. The energy density and subsidy were positively related to each other.

Visible, in the future with the development of new energy automobile potential, power battery material will change somewhat, and high nickel battery is one of the obvious tendency, looking forward to make electric cars more increase the range of technology to reduce costs.