In 2017, The UK's Renewable Energy Generation Exceeded Coal For The First Time

- Jan 04, 2018-

2017 is the most significant year for the UK's efforts to remove coal and promote renewable energy efforts.

According to the national grid corporation and the world wildlife fund, the UK's renewable energy generation broke 13 records in 2017, including one a day of coal and electricity.

"We now have a lot of renewable energy in the grid system," said Duncan Burt, director of operations at the national grid system. "it's an exciting challenge for us to make sure that supply and demand matches."

Of the 13 records, it's worth noting:

On April 21, 2017, the UK achieved the first 24 hours since the industrial revolution without coal.

On October 28-29, the UK had no coal generation time to reach 40 hours and 35 minutes.

In 2017, Britain's wind, solar and nuclear combined electricity generation exceeded coal and natural gas for the first time.