In 2018, Solar Energy Will Have An Important Transition Saving Cost Up To 80%

- Dec 13, 2017-

China energy storage net news: research and development company from London Crown Agents of a new report concludes that solar energy will become its business in 2018 a turning point, prices fell sharply, to become a universal technology, and to pass from diesel and petrol into solar energy saving up to 80% of the cost of developing countries.


Crown Agents in the solar revolution, said in a new report 2018 will be "solar power global turning point", "price falls, the huge advances in technology means, development of renewable energy will be feasible, profitable and sustainable."

"This report shows that technological advances have made solar energy cheaper and more reliable than ever before," said chief executive Fergus Drake.Now we need the government, the investors and the private sector to boldly support the solar energy and eliminate the non-electric population."

Crown Agents called on investors to shift their focus to solar power and explained: "with global costs falling sharply, solar is becoming more cost-effective.In addition, the global population of 1.1 billion is still without electricity, off-grid solar energy technology and related technology developments, such as energy storage and micro power grid will help these not provide reliable power grid region, rather than rely on polluting fossil fuel technologies, such as diesel generators, etc."

The actual cost of solar and battery storage is now less than 20 cents per kilowatt hour, at least 60 cents per kilowatt-hour compared to small diesel and gasoline generators.As a result, households in developing countries can save up to 80% of their costs by using solar energy and energy storage.