In 2025, The Scale Of Graphene Industry Will Exceed 100 Billion

- Sep 28, 2017-

China's energy storage network: according to the industrial development roadmap, by 2020, the target of China's graphene industry will be to form tens of billions of industries, and the overall industrial scale will exceed 100 billion by 2025.More than the industry's point of view is, along with the application of graphene commercialization, industrialization accelerates, in 2017 is expected to become China's key annual graphene industry breakthrough, the next few years, hope can be decided after that graphene industry successfully broken window of time.

Although graphene in preparation and industrialization in China is at the international leading level, but with same in graphene, such as the United States, South Korea, compared to leading position in the field of national industry of China will graphene is mainly used as auxiliary material characteristics are very obvious.On the one hand, the characteristics and advantages of graphene conduction, thermal conductivity and light weight play a relatively small role., on the other hand, the downstream application field are mainly concentrated in the field of industrial and civil consumption relative "low-end industries", which made China graphene industry layout more smacks of the "industrial monosodium glutamate" - just an ornament, rather than the main ingredient.

The absence of high-end applications is related to the development of China's application of graphene industrialization.The graphene industry in China development mainly relies on private enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, and part of the investment of listed companies, and many subject's core purpose is to solve the present stage industrial upgrade transformation.Therefore, the domestic graphene products can be used to form the industry for the three years.However, due to the long-term and high risk of high-end application, a lot of subjects are lack of ability, lack of power and lack of motivation.

In contrast, ahead of other countries in the field of graphene, South Korea's samsung group, LG group and American giants such as IBM, not only a large amount of graphene related patent applications, and according to their own enterprise's strategic direction and advantages, further study of high-end applications of graphene.The intervention of a large number of giants not only makes graphene research and development more pertinence, but also can't match the r&d cost and cycle investment.

So why is the big Chinese company relatively vacant in the industrialization of graphene?This is related to the high market share in the existing industrial chain.

In fact, the problem has been frequently seen in multiple industries.A few years ago, when China proposed the development of a new energy vehicle industry strategy, the early advance was also relatively slow, which was related to this.Due to the traditional energy automotive technology mature, stable market, development of new energy automobile industry in the traditional auto giant, will inevitably means for both the industry ecology, means that the traditional car interests redrawing of the cake, so no matter from the city for the first vehicle makers, or from the hybrid as the main line of battery manufacturers as a representative of the industrial chain "rival companies," forward momentum is not very enough.

In some ways, the downstream application of graphene also shows signs of getting into this dilemma.On the other hand, the emergence of new technologies means the reconstruction of traditional cake.Therefore, to accelerate the industrialization acceleration, need the joint effect of external forces and resultant forces.

However, for the lower end of the application of graphene, the industry is not fully recognized.After all, as a new kind of material, as long as it can bring the healthy development of the industrial chain, it can meet the needs of the society, there is no such thing as high and low point.Therefore, from the point of view of market demand, or the current industrialization of the first choice.The more realistic the demand in the downstream of the industrial chain, the more urgent the downstream market space is.Therefore, the industrialization of graphene industrialization in this area should be realized faster.