In 2026, Brazil's Renewable Energy Share Will Exceed 48 Per Cent

- Dec 11, 2017-

On December 5th Brazil's mining and energy ministry approved a new energy plan to achieve a 48% share of renewable energy by 2026.That would require 351 million tons of oil equivalent energy to boost the economy.


According to the 10-year energy plan, the installed capacity of the national interconnected system will break through 212.5 gigawatts in 2026, of which over 50% comes from non-hydropower sources.

In 2026, wind power capacity will reach 28.4 gw, solar capacity of about 9.6 gigawatts, biomass capacity of 16.9 gigawatts, small hydropower capacity 8.1 gigawatts, large hydropower capacity of 103 gigawatts.

According to a previous announcement, the energy plan would require about 1.4 trillion reais ($2.9 trillion).