In Future, The Company Will Develop A New Lithium Electric Quick Charge Technology

- Oct 13, 2017-

Toshiba corp. will develop a new lithium-ion battery technology for electric vehicles, the company said, citing xinhua news agency.

It is understood that the new generation of products has a higher energy density and supports ultra-fast charging, which can be charged to 90% in 6 minutes.

The new generation of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles USES titanium niobium oxide as the cathode material, which is not the same as the traditional graphite negative.

Lithium-ion batteries made from traditional materials can only charge 80 per cent of their electricity in 30 minutes, which is not in line with the actual needs of electric cars.

The super battery can charge 90% of the battery in six minutes

The electric car tested by Toshiba was tested after six minutes of charging and ended up with a 320km range.

It is worth mentioning that the battery is in circular 5000, still has more than 90% of the available capacity, this is the battery technology is hard to imagine, at the same time (- 10 ℃) in the low temperature environment also can still achieve fast charging.