In Hengyang County, Hunan, 30 Poverty-stricken Villages Have Received The Photovoltaic Power Plant Poverty Alleviation Project

- Sep 25, 2017-

China energy storage net news: precision for the implementation of poverty alleviation, drive out of poverty by industry, hunan hengyang county held recently in hengyang photovoltaic advance will poverty alleviation phase I project, the county 30 poor village photovoltaic power station project is expected to be the year for poverty alleviation grid power.

To make full use of solar energy resources in countryside vigorously promote photovoltaic applications, hunan hengyang county plans this year comprehensive utilization of rural land building photovoltaic power station, covering the first phase of the project in 2017 to escape the mountain village, dragon mountain village, 28 no such and source village collective economy income is funding at the provincial level and city ping village, village Gospel of the construction of the two provinces has been approved funding at the provincial level.

The total installed capacity of the above 30 villages is 18 kilowatts per village, with a total installed capacity of 1800 kw, and the total budget investment is 12.6 million yuan, according to the standard of no more than 7 yuan per watt.According to the unified deployment plan, the construction will be completed by December 31, 2017, and the grid will be generated.

In accordance with the unified bidding of hunan hengyang county government, the construction method adopts the model of "unified construction unit, unified operation and maintenance unit, sub-village financing, sub-village construction and settlement of village".The construction fund is estimated to be 420,000 yuan per village, with a subsidy of 100,000 yuan, and the rest can be raised by means of poverty alleviation loans, social donation, village award subsidy and support units.After the completion of the construction, the property rights of the village photovoltaic power station are collectively owned by the village, and the income as the collective income of the village is mainly used to help the poor people out of poverty.