In Recent Years, China's High Purity Graphite Market Demand Analysis

- Nov 01, 2017-

China energy storage net news: in 2012, China's demand for high purity graphite is 86000 tons, high purity graphite of 2013, China's demand for 2013 tons, up 13.24% from a year earlier, in 2014, China's demand for high purity graphite is 112000 tons, up 14.96% from a year earlier, in 2015, China's demand for high purity graphite for is 125500 tons, fell 12.05% year on year, in 2016, China's demand for high purity graphite is 142500 tons, up 13.50% from a year earlier.


In semiconductor industry, high purity graphite material is used to prepare the heating system.

The graphite parts in the single crystal furnace are easy to use, and it is processed by various high purity graphite.

Such as graphite increasing harm other graphite parts adopt high purity fine structure of graphite, graphite heater adopts high purity fine particles of isotropic graphite, graphite insulation cover and graphite plate adopts the high purity graphite particles in structure.

High purity graphite is suitable for making graphite mould of various specifications.

Electronic working graphite;

Vacuum coating graphite vortex. Precision casting with graphite pieces ` continuous casting with graphite;

Artificial diamond used in carbon films etc.

The downstream application of high purity graphite is still expanding, so it is not hard to see that the market of high purity graphite is still unsaturated.

The state's continuous improvement of the management system and standards of carbon industry will make the industry more orderly and provide a good development environment for professional high purity graphite enterprises.

The national policy encourages the development and production of high purity graphite. Domestic enterprises have also been increasing the r&d and production of products.

In general, the high purity graphite enterprises will adopt different sales channels according to the different consumers of the production products, mainly mainly for the sale of the products.

According to the scale of operation and the scope of market radiation, China's high purity graphite enterprises can be divided into the following levels:

The first level is a national brand.

This type of enterprises in pearl river delta and Yangtze river delta, for production base, national marketing and distribution, product quality and production technology, high credibility, high purity graphite products more customer resources and larger scale of production, the enterprise has the industry's leading technology and rich experience, with a strong comprehensive strength.

Some of these enterprises have integrated upstream graphite minerals and focused on the industrial chain of high purity graphite industry. Some enterprises have gone to the path of diversified development of high-purity graphite products.

The second level is regional brands.

The type enterprises gathered in graphite mineral relatively rich region, more customer resources is less, more for regional enterprises, production and sales capability, but due to the limited size and financial strength, products mainly covers the city and the surrounding area, in the service area has a certain brand influence, mainly distributed in the coastal developed cities and provincial capital cities in mainland high purity graphite products demand for larger region as a whole.

At present, the market demand of China's high purity graphite industry is growing rapidly. In the process of growing industry scale, the industry supply capacity is increasing and the industry is in a long-term development.

With the continuous improvement of the residents' income, the quality level of the high purity graphite has been continuously improved, and the manufacturers continuously improve the production process technology and the quality of the products has been greatly improved.

New social problems and changes in people's values and lifestyles can stimulate industry change.

In the future, the downstream market focuses more on product performance and use effect on products of high purity graphite. Only continuous r&d and quality control can ensure the quality of products.

At present, high purity graphite enterprises have more products and different price positioning according to the production enterprises. The competition among enterprises in the echelon is relatively fierce.

In the field of high purity graphite, the whole high purity graphite industry belongs to enterprises with no obvious differentiation advantage due to different application of different product parameters in the downstream application.