France Plans To Deploy 10MW Lithium Battery Energy Storage System In Bermuda

- Oct 21, 2019-

Recently, France SAFT said it is deploying a 10MW lithium-ion battery energy storage system in Bermuda, with an estimated working life of 20 years. The energy storage system purchaser is Bermuda Electric Lighting Company (BELCO).

In 2016, the local government of Bermuda enacted a power bill aimed at modernizing the Bermuda grid. As the only power company in Bermuda, BELCO is responsible for the main tasks of grid reform.

“The battery energy storage system will be able to respond within a few seconds of the request, which is three times faster than a standard diesel generator, helping to avoid load dips that are usually associated with such events. When new battery storage When the system is up and running, it is expected to save $2 million in fuel and maintenance costs, while allowing BELCO to provide continuous and reliable power. The battery used in the battery energy storage system is a lithium-ion battery with a service life of 20 years and can also be recycled. A BELCO spokesperson said that SAFT had obtained the project through competitive bidding.

According to BELCO mechanical engineer Stephanie Simons, these advantages will include reduced wear and tear on existing equipment, and will continue to operate for 20 years, and its investment can be recovered within 4 years.

SAFT will design, deliver and install a 10 MW battery energy storage system based on a turnkey contract and will build the container at its assembly facility in Jacksonville, Fla. This 10 MW energy storage system can be discharged for 30 minutes and can be started within 50 milliseconds after a power failure is detected.

SAFT will integrate and provide control and monitoring functions, and power conversion equipment and switching equipment will be provided by ABB Automation and Engineering. At the same time, a local contractor will be installed and commissioned on site.

SAFT is the world's leading designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced high-tech industrial batteries. Located in the design, development and production of nickel-cadmium batteries (industrial, large-scale transportation, professional electronics, transportation applications), high-performance disposable lithium batteries and lithium-ion battery systems (widely used in many end markets such as civil and military) leading position.

In addition, SAFT is a world-class expert in lithium-ion satellite batteries, while providing lithium-ion batteries for clean energy vehicles and new technologies for renewable energy storage.

In 2016, in order to meet the needs of Asian customers, SAFT established a production base in Zhuhai, China. In 2018, SAFT announced plans to aggressively enter the field of large-scale energy storage in new energy. In order to focus on the energy storage sector, SAFT ended its 12-year power battery joint venture in October of that year.