Huawei Applies For New Patent: The Industry's First Lithium-silicon Battery Can Increase Power By 30%

- Oct 08, 2019-

Huawei Consumer Business Group applied for a lithium battery invention patent from the State Intellectual Property Office, describing the industry's first patented lithium-silicon battery, which is expected to greatly improve the fast charging capability and ensure safety.

As the fastest-growing mobile phone brand in our country, Huawei mobile phones have always been at the forefront of the market. The annual research and development of capital investment is as high as tens of millions of dollars. This is no match for anyone in the industry. In fact, the contest between the state and the country is based on the strength of many technology companies. The strength of the country is still linked to the enterprises that make up each country. Just as the ZTE Corporation was targeted by Qualcomm at the beginning of the year, we are not It's hard to see the doorway. We don't have core technology. We don't start early in all aspects of breakthroughs and R&D. Others have patent rights and you need to pay a certain fee if you use it. If you don't, it will threaten you with various reasons. , punish your money and still use technology to hang you, don't give money? Well, I will not supply you with spare parts. The parts are still good. When the core of the mobile phone that ZTE is really targeting is the chip, this problem is much more serious. It is not a joke, and even determines the development direction of the enterprise. And future development goals.

Lithium-silicon battery is the anode made of silicon, which can store more electricity than the traditional graphite anode. Huawei's patent will achieve a 30%-40% increase in power compared to existing lithium batteries.

It is reported that Huawei will apply it to the upcoming smartphones.

Huawei said: "Like multi-touch technology has changed the way the display works, Huawei's ultra-high-speed charging technology will redefine the way people use their smartphones to protect users from cell phone phobia."

It is reported that the surface of the new battery is covered with a 3D nitrogen-doped carbon coating, which can be synthesized at a relatively low temperature and has high conductivity, thereby achieving ultra-high speed charging. Unlike traditional fast charging solutions, lithium-silicon battery fast charging solutions use a low-voltage, high-current mode with the goal of maximizing current flow into the device while minimizing efficiency losses, heat and throttling.

"This innovation is based on advances in electrochemical kinetics that enable ultra-high speed rechargeable batteries to support higher power efficiency and current input."

As we all know, the so-called "breakthrough technology often does not break through. We can also see from the media reports at the beginning of the year that this technology can only achieve 30%-40% power increase compared with existing lithium batteries. However, it is gradually thinning. It is very rare for a smartphone to have such an upgrade. We are also looking forward to the future of Huawei's mobile phone.

This progress is a progress in the history of science. The simultaneous combination of electrochemistry and dynamics has helped to achieve today's high-rate charging technology. This time, the new technology I believe will be applied to Huawei's new products, Huawei. The product launch cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the new technology will basically be applied to the product for the first time, which has achieved the purpose of research and development. In fact, there is another saying that the efficiency of the battery is increased by 30% to 40% compared with the previous lithium battery. The breakthrough may have some way to go, but we also need to know the relevant aspects. How slow is the progress, the thickness of the mobile phone is getting thinner and thinner, and the development of the battery size and capacity is already exciting. The battery life has become a big indicator for people to buy mobile phones. Huawei has reason. There is also the ability to make breakthroughs on this basis, a major change in the true sense!