India Has Reaffirmed Its Goal Of Achieving Full Coverage Of Electric Vehicles By 2030

- Sep 25, 2017-

India's federal transport minister Nitin Gadkari said the country would continue its electric vehicle policy to reach full coverage of electric vehicles by 2030, according to Indian media reports.

The government hopes the policy will push carmakers to invest fully in electric vehicles and boost the industry.

However, the policy faces two major challenges: the high cost of lithium batteries in electric vehicles, the lack of infrastructure and the scarcity of charging piles to support the promotion of electric vehicles.

However, India's transport minister said it would continue to support plans for electric cars, lower prices and introduce new policies to boost infrastructure.

While the current deadline for reaching the target is still 2030, senior officials say the Indian government intends to move ahead.

At the same time, China and the UK are also actively pushing electric vehicles to cover all of them.