India May Be The First Country To Fully Implement Electric Vehicles

- Aug 30, 2017-

Beijing time August 29, according to foreign media reports, the electric car revolution brought a once-in-a-century opportunity.The world is frantically importing oil.Their hard-earned cash on abroad, every day there are billions of dollars into like Saudi Arabia, the United States, Russia, Canada, Iraq, Kuwait, united Arab emirates and venezuela that the country is rich in oil reserves.It is a fatal and economically debilitating addiction.

India is no stranger to this problem.India is actually the world's third-largest importer of crude, after the us and China.It imports as much oil per day as Italy, Spain and Britain.

So it was a surprise and a shock when India's energy minister (informally) announced that India was committed to becoming the first country to fully implement electric vehicles.India not only spend money on crude oil imports have billions of dollars, and it is accompanied by dependent fuel crisis, led to some of the most serious air pollution, if India can use independent mining electric power to drive the car, then things will get better.

India's push for electric vehicles is bound to face some challenges, but the push by senior government officials appears to suggest that they need to overcome these challenges urgently.Ashok Jhunjhunwala, chief adviser to the government's new energy and renewable energy unit, has made such comments recently.

"Electric cars will be the future of domestic transport," he said.They are significantly more efficient and more reliable than gasoline/diesel cars."

The challenge for India's leadership, however, is that it does not have cash to subsidise consumers.At this point, the government does not seem to have a clear alternative to the solution, and Ashok Jhunjhunwala insists that this is an important opportunity that the country should not miss.According to the Hindu newspaper reports, "Ashok Jhunjhunwala also points out that as the battery prices fall, electric cars will be in the next five to six years by the greatest degree, and warned that if India is to wait until that time hasn't wake up, it will eventually imported electric cars instead of oil."

About support low-cost rental (car or batteries) and the electric car industry subsidies has been mentioned many times, but a tax on gas/diesel car a lot, and provide subsidies to the electric car buyers - China has achieved good results in this respect -- no one seems to mention.

According to previous reports, tesla is likely to enter the Indian market - and build factories there, and even Indian industrial giant tata group is inviting silicon valley start-ups into India.I have a suggestion for tata: to work with tesla to build a national Supercharging network!Tata can offer a low-cost electric car equipped with a Supercharging interface, bringing electric cars to the front of ordinary people.That would surely make electric cars more popular in the country, which has the world's second-largest population.

If India takes the lead on electric vehicles, it will be a big step towards world power.With regard to the electric vehicle policy, I hope that India can find an effective and convenient path.