India Plans To Invest In Solar Power Plants To Change The Energy Status Quo

- Oct 25, 2017-

Energy storage technology is still in its infancy in the world, especially in India, and it is expensive, according to a report by the United States' quartz network on October 18.

In India, the construction of solar power plants with energy storage facilities and the size of public facilities has been slow.

So despite low prices and rich renewable resources, solar still accounts for only 1.6% of India's energy production.

India will invest $43 million to build a solar power plant equipped with battery energy storage devices to change the industry.

Reported that India's state-owned mining and coal energy producers India ney waley lignite company (NLC India) is the andaman and nicobar islands construction the country's first reach the scale of public facilities, and is equipped with a battery energy storage of solar power plants.

The region is remote, deep in the bay of Bengal, and has been powered by diesel generators.

The solar energy storage plant, which can produce 20 megawatts (MW), is expected to go into service in April 2019.

Indian brands Mahindra (Mahindra) group of the market value of $19 billion, its renewable energy sector Mahindra Susten to NLC India company proposed $43 million (RMB 284 million) project quotation.

Other bidders include energy savings companies including Adani and Sterling & Wilson, energy savings companies including Exide, and renewable energy consulting, including Bridge to India (BTI).

India's solar energy industry is on the rise, with tariffs on every solar panel falling below the historical record of 2.44 rupees, the report said.

The country currently has about 13,000 megawatts of solar installations and plans to reach 100,000 megawatts by 2022.

India has poured more than $9.7 billion into the solar industry in 2016.