India's Solar Energy Will Grow 9.4GM In 2017

- Sep 12, 2017-

In its latest report, BridgetoIndia, a market-research firm, predicts that India's solar energy could grow by 9.4 gigawatts in 2017, making it the world's third-largest solar market by overtaking Japan.

The titled "India solar compass", according to a report by the end of June, India has photovoltaic capacity is 15611 mw and 13951 mw for utility scale, 1660 megawatts of solar roof.Solar growth in India is expected to grow by 90% in 2017, and rooftop solar will grow strongly.Solar costs will continue to fall.All this is a huge attraction for international investors and equipment suppliers.The challenge is how to sustain that growth.

India's Q2 electricity price broke the threshold of INR3.00/ KWH, which BridgetoIndia calls a "critical" moment because it means solar is now the cheapest new energy source in India.

In the next two years, India will fully transition to the 1500 v dc power supply system.The tracking control device is expected to increase from about 450 megawatts in Q2 to 800 megawatts in Q3, but a drop in component prices could limit the use of the tracker.

Other trends, including the softening of debt, will be the lubricant of investment activity;There will be an m&a boom;The incentives and support mechanisms for solar and wind power are gradually withdrawn.

In the near term, the uncertainty caused by the current anti-dumping investigation may slow the installation speed.This stage has unsettled project developers and investors, as competition is increasingly forcing prices to fall.