Indian Power Plans To Create $25 Billion In New Orders In Five Years

- Dec 06, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: India's biggest power utilities Indian power grid companies are the focus to state project, because the government's plans for the "national electric power" is expected to be in the next five years to create a new order of $25 billion.

India's chief executive officer, Anil Jain, said in an interview that the company would try to get some new orders through its own or joint venture.So far, India's grid has been involved in all state projects.

India's states are ramping up investment in the power grid and upgrading ageing transmission systems to provide all-weather electricity for homes and industries, part of moody's national electricity plan.

"Many states may not have the money needed to upgrade their transmission systems and want to set up a joint venture with India's electricity grid."Said Rupesh Sankhe, an analyst at reliance securities in India.