Indian Rooftop Solar Incremental Or Reduced To 10.8 Gigawatts In 2021

- Dec 20, 2017-

India's Bridge to India, a renewable energy consultancy, said it had lowered its forecast for rooftop solar growth in India by 2021, from 13.2 gigawatts to 10.8 gigawatts.


Bridge to India, a provider of knowledge services in India's renewable energy sector, has released its latest version of the information graphics report, "rooftop solar maps in India".

According to the report, in the 12 months to September 2017, India added 840 megawatts of rooftop solar capacity, with an annual growth rate of 82 percent, and a cumulative capacity of 1 861 megawatts by September 2017.The report also stresses that business and industrial consumers remain the largest sectors, accounting for 63 per cent of the total capacity of the past 12 months and 66 per cent of new capacity.In this period, capacity increased by 86 per cent.

Bridge to India, general manager of wrestling Rustagi when maps said: "the fast development of rooftop solar, debt and equity financing is also more free flow, but until March 2022 40 gigawatts of target is still very high unrealistic.

Despite strong government mandates and a 25 per cent subsidy, the government is particularly disappointed by the slow pace of growth in the public sector.

The report notes that CleanMax, Cleantech Solar and Amplus are clear leaders in the category of operational project development.Delta and SMA remain dominant in the inverter market.The report also says that tata electric is still the largest EPC contractor in rooftop solar.

The market for residential rooftop solar is growing at a steady 45 percent.The biggest disappointment, however, comes from the low margins in the public sector.In the past 12 months, although the new increment has been projected to be only 200 megawatts, it has actually increased by 173 megawatts.

Bridge to India has revised its forecast for new installed capacity of 887 megawatts in 2017, a 28 percent lower than the previous forecast.

"We have revised the forecast for the next five years to estimate that total installed capacity will increase by 10.8 gigawatts by 2021, 18 per cent less than previously predicted," Rustagi added.

The report also notes that maharashtra has replaced Tamil nadu as India's largest rooftop solar state.