Indonesia's Renewable Energy Production Exceeded The Standard In 2017.

- Jan 12, 2018-

Indonesia energy argonne, director of the ministry of mines pr recently told a news conference, as of November 2017, whether in guodian corporation or independent electricity generators built renewable energy power plant, have accounted for about 12.52% of the national energy electricity consumption, more than 11.96% of the 2017 national budget amendments specified index.

Argonne, Indonesia guodian corporation and independent power generation business built renewable energy power plant, hydroelectric plants and geothermal power plants, including geothermal power plants account for 5%, accounted for 7.27% of hydraulic power station and other renewable energy power plant accounts for about 0.25%.

He said the electricity supply for the geothermal power plant is about 1560 million kilowatt hours (GWh), up from about 10656 GWh in 2016.As many as 10000 6793 GWh and hydroelectric power supply, which were built by the guodian corporation hydraulic power plant about 10000 10000 GWh, built by the independent electricity generators in about 5639 GWh, and other renewable energy power supply about 576 GWh.