Indonesia Will Build 200 Megawatts Of The World's Largest Floating Photovoltaic Power Station

- Dec 07, 2017-

Energy storage net news: Chinese state-run PJB company and the united Arab emirates MASDAR company has reached an agreement that will reach the reservoir in west Java, Indonesia has preserved in joint construction capacity of 200 megawatts (mw) of the world's largest floating photovoltaic power station.


The project, which covers 225 hectares, is expected to cost $300 million, according to Ivan, PJB's chief executive.The two sides have now completed the feasibility study and grid connectivity programme for the project, which will reach an electricity purchase agreement with Indonesia's national grid corporation within the year, which is expected to be less than $10 per kilowatt hour.The two sides are planning to build a 50-megawatt power generation facility by the second quarter of 2019, completing all projects in the first half of 2020.In Indonesia, a deputy minister of energy and mining the son, said the project will help accelerate the Indonesian energy structure to the renewable energy transition process, the government will give to the project tax breaks, to ensure the construction and operation cost is lower than the average level in the region, to encourage domestic and foreign investors intensify efforts to jointly develop renewable energy in Indonesia market.