Intel Has Installed More Than 8,000 Solar Parking Spaces Around The World Using Solar Energy In Its Garage

- May 24, 2018-

Recently, the major semiconductor manufacturers Intel stressed that its manufacturing operations in the United States and Europe's electricity consumption has reached from solar energy, hydropower and wind power and other renewable resources for all electricity demand milestone.


Typically, retailers like wal-mart and ikea are known for high levels of solar power equipment in large, self-consuming stores.For consumers with high energy consumption, such as semiconductor manufacturing, these tasks are difficult.

Intel's latest "Intel corporate responsibility report" in 2017-2018, its main in Arizona, Mr Cha di slightly manufacturing and r&d facilities in the photovoltaic field widely used bike shed, so far has been installed in the global covering more than 8000 solar parking space.

According to the company estimates that so far, the company has been in nine countries of Intel site installation of the approximately 300 square feet of the solar cell array, the capacity of 33 million KWH, equivalent to 3700 American family's energy consumption every year.

Intel also has semiconductor manufacturing operations in Malaysia and China, and design offices in India and other countries.

The company noted that other Intel campus projects may have been developed, including chandler, Arizona, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.The company is also expanding its garage coverage on its Ocotillo campus.