Introduction Of Solar Tracking Control System

- Aug 07, 2019-

The indispensable support equipment of improving the efficiency of solar panels generate electricity- the sun tracking control system: due to the earth's rotation, relative to a fixed location of solar photovoltaic power generation systems, spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons in a year, every day to rise the sunset, the sun illumination Angle are changing all the time, the effective guarantee of solar panels can always is opposite the sun, power generation efficiency can reach the best state. At present, the universal solar tracking control system in the world needs to calculate the Angle of the sun at different times of the year according to the longitude and latitude of the emplacement point and other information, and store the position of the sun at each time of the year in PLC, single chip microcomputer or computer software, which is to calculate the position of the sun to achieve tracking. It adopts the computer data theory, which requires the data and Settings of the longitude and latitude regions of the earth. Once installed, it is inconvenient to move or assemble and disassemble. After each move, it is necessary to reset the data and adjust various parameters. Principle, circuit, technology, equipment complex, non-professionals can not operate casually. A solar photovoltaic power generation enterprise in hebei has exclusively developed an intelligent solar tracking system with world leading level, low cost, easy to use, no need to calculate the location of the sun data, no software, can accurately track the sun anytime and anywhere on mobile devices. This system is the first solar space positioning tracker in China that does not use computer software at all. It has an international leading level and can be used normally within the range of -50℃ to 70℃ without being restricted by geographical and external conditions. The tracking accuracy can reach ±0.001", which maximizes the solar tracking accuracy, perfectly realizes timely tracking, and maximizes the utilization rate of solar light energy. Can be widely used in all kinds of equipment need to use the sun tracking place, the automatic sun tracking instrument affordable, stable performance, reasonable structure, accurate tracking, convenient and easy to use. The solar power generation system equipped with intelligent solar tracker is installed on high-speed cars, trains, communication emergency vehicles, special military vehicles, warships or ships. No matter where the system is going, how to turn and turn, the intelligent solar tracker can ensure that the tracking position of the equipment is directly opposite to the sun.