Iran To Restore Power To Iraq

- Aug 23, 2018-

The Iranian government confirmed on August 21 that it had restored power to Iraq and other neighboring countries 10 days ago and would increase power supplies.

Iran's semi-official tasnim news agency, citing deputy energy minister mahmud reza hajjfar, reported: "we have delivered 200 to 250 megawatts of electricity to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan."

Iran stopped supplying electricity to Iraq in July because of the lack of Iraqi payments and increased domestic demand during the summer.The lack of electricity has sparked discontent, with people in places such as basra, Iraq's second-largest city, demonstrating last month to accuse the government of inaction.

Daytime temperatures in Iraq can reach as high as 50 degrees Celsius during the summer, and demand for indoor cooling from appliances such as air conditioners is strong.However, the ongoing war has severely damaged the infrastructure, Iraq's own power supply is limited, power outages occur frequently, at least for a few hours.

Saudi Arabia offered to supply Iraq at a discount last month.Reuters reported that it was one of the ways the saudis tried to limit Iran's influence in Iraq.