BLACKDRAGON Air Compressor Trial Development Is Praised

- Dec 06, 2019-

Domestic fuel cell air compressors are still in their infancy. Since the products have not yet been completely shaped and mass-produced, if they use the traditional mold-opening method to make product prototypes, it will consume a lot of cost and time.

On April 22, the senior research team visited the Taicang Heilong Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as BLACKDRAGON). BLACKDRAGON is a company that combines 3D printing and traditional manufacturing processes for the development of automotive parts trials. Benefiting from the trial production development experience of traditional turbochargers, BLACKDRAGON currently provides trial production development services for fuel cell air compressor companies.

BLACKDRAGON Deng Junming introduced that due to the rapid speed of car replacement, the core components of the engine, transmission and chassis are also constantly being improved. If the mold development method is used in the product development stage to make the engine block / cylinder head, turbocharger Parts, motor housings / gearboxes, etc. will face extremely high mold opening costs and long cycles.

BLACKDRAGON, as the first domestic company to introduce 3D printing technology to the industrial field, can provide OEMs and component suppliers with trial manufacturing development services in combination with traditional manufacturing processes such as casting and precision machining, and quickly trial-produce parts. "The company can complete all production processes, achieve ultra-short lead times, and save customers a lot of costs," said Deng Junming.

In terms of technology, BLACKDRAGON has learned more than 20 years of German trial production technology experience. From process design to mold flow analysis, 3D printing molds, casting, heat treatment, and CNC processing are all completed in the factory, shortening the flow time of each process and ensuring the entire production process. Accurate and efficient. At the same time, BLACKDRAGON introduced DMG five-axis machining center and turning compound center. Under the strict production process, experienced programming engineers and equipment operation engineers cooperate perfectly.

In terms of materials, nylon, resin, metal, sand, wax and other advanced industrial-grade 3D printing equipment and rich 3D data processing experience and post-processing technology are widely used in high-precision parts and other trial production and small batch production. BLACKDRAGON has accumulated a wealth of experience and technology from the maintenance of 3D printing equipment to the development of special materials and special processing processes.

Speaking of the opportunity to get involved in the trial production of fuel cell air compressors, Deng Junming revealed: "Some domestic companies that originally did turbochargers have begun to invest in the development of fuel cell air compressors, and we were their partners originally, so naturally there is Cooperation. The company has provided products and services for Honeywell, Great Wall Motors, Yisen Technology and so on. "