Is The Million Mile Battery Really Coming Tesla Plans To Take The Lead In China

- May 19, 2020-

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been promoting the upcoming battery technology improvements, even calling the upcoming company speech "Battery Day" in previous public comments. According to Reuters, Tesla plans to announce the new advanced battery technology it has developed, which can produce sustainable "millions of miles" of power for its electric vehicles, and can make Tesla electric vehicles cost even lower Market cost of fuel-efficient diesel locomotives.

If this is true, it will be a watershed for Tesla. According to Reuters, this development is the result of joint research and development work with the Ningde era; at the same time, it also benefits from the team of Tesla battery technology researchers whose academic background is Musk specifically to change the electricity storage economy Recruited sexually.

Battery capacity and production costs have long been a constraint on the manufacturing cost of electric vehicles, which is also a major reason for the high price of electric vehicles when they are sold to customers. Generally, tax incentives or government subsidies can provide some relief. However, if Tesla's new battery technology can change the status quo and make electric vehicles cheaper than gasoline vehicles, it will be another important driving factor for the wide application of electric vehicles.

Reuters reported that Tesla will be the first to launch new batteries in China starting from Model 3. Then, it plans to promote it to other vehicles and markets, and eventually use new manufacturing processes to produce batteries to reduce labor costs and increase costs. Eventually, the output of the "Trillion Factory" may be 30 times that of the current Tesla Super Factory (including Nevada).

According to Reuters, the battery technology that Tesla is studying will include low-cobalt and cobalt-free technologies, as well as newly developed materials and internal coatings to reduce the pressure on the active ingredients and extend their service life. At the same time, it will also introduce a new system developed by its partner Ningde Company, which eliminates the step of bundling the batteries before they are installed in the final battery pack, which will reduce the unit weight and cost of the battery pack. Tesla is also developing new battery module recycling technology so that its car power supply can eventually be used in other energy products to extend its service life.