It Is Expected That The Global Grid Will Break 100 Gigawatts For The First Time In 2017

- Nov 01, 2017-

China energy storage network: SolarPower Europe, the European solar energy trading agency, expects the world's solar grid to break 100 gigawatts for the first time in 2017.


Compared with 76.6 gigawatts in 2016, it will grow by over 30% this year.

China will account for more than half of the market, with a forecast of more than 50 gigawatts this year, 45% more than last year's 34.5 gigawatts.

From January to September 2017, China added about 42 gigawatts of new solar installations.

Demand for European markets is also expected to grow this year after signing contracts last year.

Europe will achieve at least 7.5 gigawatts of solar power in 2017, up 10 percent year on year.

But the volume fell 20 percent to 6.7 gigawatts.

SolarPower Europe market investigation policy adviser and economist Thomas Doering said, an average of two and a half years in the German solar auction prices fell nearly 50% to 0.0491 euros per kilowatt-hour, but recent Spanish tender 5 gigawatts of solar energy capacity.


James Watson, the chief executive of the group, urged European policymakers to set a bigger target, calling for a minimum of 35 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

Previously, Bernreuter's study predicted that global pv capacity would increase by 30 percent in 2017, adding 74 gigawatts, with a total load of about 95 gigawatts to 97 gigawatts.