It Is Hoped That The Sodium Ion Battery Will Have High Capacity And Fast Filling

- Dec 22, 2017-

A new type of carbon-negative material has been successfully prepared by researchers at the university of hefei university of technology (hefei), which is expected to achieve both the high capacity and the fast charging of sodium ion batteries.The results are published in advanced energy materials, an international journal of energy materials.

With the rapid development of power batteries in new energy vehicles, the problem of limited lithium resources and high price is becoming increasingly prominent.As close to the nature of the lithium, sodium in nature reserves in high and low prices, so sodium ion batteries is considered by the scientific community and industry as the next generation of alternative lithium ion battery energy storage system.According to introducing, anode materials for lithium/sodium ion battery fast charge and the influence of the ratio is essential, as a result of the sodium ion radius than lithium ion, the current class is suitable for lithium ion battery graphite anode materials is not suitable for sodium ion batteries, the development of high performance of graphite types of carbon anode materials is of great significance for the development of the sodium ion batteries.

Hefei university of technology materials science and engineering college professor hongfa and his team, using the method of sodium chloride template combination optimization of carbon source could be prepared for the three dimensional amorphous carbon material, implements the micro pore and micro structure of effective control.

The results of using sodium chloride templates, without significantly increasing the specific surface area, proper introduction of aperture is 2 ~ 50 nm mesoporous and pore diameter of 50 nm > big hole at the same time, the composition of carbon source was used to optimize and the confined effect of sodium chloride template, realization of disordered/micro area ratio regulation, in the view of improving the performance of carbon negative electrode materials ratio at the same time has high coulomb efficiency and cycle performance.

Experimental data show that this new type of carbon anode materials can be under the current density of 9.6 ampere per gram of charge and discharge, the storage capacity of sodium compared with other materials under the similar current density increased, and the charge and discharge battery performance without attenuation after 600 times.At the same time, the synthesis method of the material is simple, and the preparation process is free of pollution and has a wide application prospect.