It Will Build Up To 600 MWh Of Lithium Batteries In Europe's Largest Commercial Car Battery

- Nov 22, 2017-

China's energy storage network: according to foreign media reports, Akasol has announced the launch of a semi-automatic battery manufacturing plant in Langen, which provides high-performance lithium-ion batteries for commercial vehicles.

The company has invested 10 million euros ($11.8 million) for the new plant.

As the demand for batteries increases, the amount of investment in the future will double.

重金打造欧洲最大商用车电池厂 锂电池年产能达600 MWh

The plant, which has been mass-produced by Akasol, can produce as much as 600 MWh a year, and is now Europe's largest assembly line for commercial car batteries.

Akasol recently announced that it will provide lithium battery systems to two of Europe's biggest customer manufacturers in the future.

Under the terms of the agreement, the plant will complete the production of nearly 10,000 buses in the next few years.

At present, Akasol also provides technology and consulting services to VDL bus & bus companies, Alexander Dennis, alstom, bombardier and Bucher Municipal.

According to the factory's current annual production capacity, the production of high performance battery systems can be configured at most 3000 cars -- hybrid or electric cars or other commercial vehicles, Langen factory will be responsible for commercial vehicle manufacturing truck or bus system with AKAsystem OEM batteries.

Currently, as the only European manufacturer that has realized lithium battery production, Akasol can offer a wide range of battery solutions, all of which are in line with the reliability and safety standards of the industry.